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Warhammer 40000 Deathwatch PS4

Precio*: €11.62
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Single Player Campaign - Battle through 40 brutal missions. From the depths of Tyranid Hive Ships to vast Asteroid Deserts and destroyed Imperial Cities. Marines - Collect the Lone Wolf, Sanguinary Guard, Master of Relics and 38 unique others from Ultramarine, Space Wolf and Blood Angel chapters. Wargear - Bolters, Plasma Guns, Multimeltas, Lascannons and more. Build your armoury and equip your Deathwatch Marines with the finest wargear across the Imperium. Tyranids - Termagants, Genestealers, Carnifexes, and more block your way to victory. Fight through the most vicious horde of Tyranids ever seen. Honour your Chapter - Ready your bolters, steel your nerves, and save the Astolat sector from certain doom. FOR THE EMPEROR!, Plataformas: PlayStation 4, Calificación de la ESRB: Recomendado para adolescentes
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