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Ceramicspeed BB30 Bearing Kit

Precio*: €256.49
Número de Parte: 516d34032a
CeramicSpeed BB30 Bottom Bracket Neutral Option 1 SingleCeramicSpeed is the market leader in high-end performance components. This Ceramic Bottom Bracket delivers excellent low bearing friction with superb durability. Unique CeramicSpeed ceramic bearings are premium quality, out-performing mark rivals. The CeramicSpeed Ceramic Bottom Bracket system is so stiff and efficient that additional spacers are not required. At a fantastically lightweight of 84 grams, this CeramicSpeed Ceramic Bottom Bracket is a premium upgrade that your trusty steed deserves.Features: Material:Ceramic Bearings, Aluminium (cups) Road Specific Use with 24mm spindle cranksets Weight:84gBuy CeramicSpeed Components from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.
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